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Preparing your fiber network for the capacity demands of the future

Your consumers are already demanding the best speeds, reach, and reliability from your network, and internet-based innovations of the future look to drive those requirements even higher. The importance of keeping the infrastructure powering these services that they rely on meeting or ideally exceeding these expectations has never been higher.

Our new CFP2-DCO coherent optics are here to help push your capabilities to the next level without breaking your budgets.

Arista Networks® CFP2-200G-DCO-A Compatible TAA Compliant 200GBase-DCO CFP2 Coherent Transceiver (SMF, 1528.77nm to 1568.36nm, LC)EdgecorE® AC200-D13-005 Compatible TAA Compliant 200GBase-DCO CFP2 Coherent Transceiver (SMF, 1528.77nm to 1568.36nm, LC)
SKU: CFP2-200G-DCO-A-AOSKU: AC200-D13-005-AO

Our CFP2-DCO transceivers give your network an advantageous edge

Not sure what coherent optics are? We’ve got you covered. Read more here >

Coherent optics amplify the performance gains of cost-saving DWDM

Penned as the “future of high speed DWDM optical transport,” coherent optics utilize advanced modulation techniques (QAM/DPSK) to transmit additional symbols per bit.

The CFP2-DCO acts as a ‘system-on-a-plug,’ solving impairments with an integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for long haul networking.

In short, a move to coherent optics with CFP2-DCO means maximizing the data-transmission capacity and value of each fiber pair already in the ground.

Lightning fast speeds for any application or reach

No matter what industry your network resides in, coherent optics will benefit you and your end users.

With applications ranging from complex metropolitan networks to long-haul or edge-and-access, CFP2-DCO optics will be deployed inevitably. Getting ahead of the curve with a third-party coherent solution is the proactive solution your clients and network consumers deserve.

Why AddOn? Can I rely on third-party optics?

The best kept secret in the fiber optic networking industry is… you already do!

Our optics meet the needs of the largest telecommunications and internet service providers around the world, saving them thousands over the OEMs. It’s no surprise that they’re already in networks you use daily to access the internet, email, videos, and more.

You already trust our fiber optic transceivers, patch cables, DACs, AOCs, multiplexers, and other fiber accessories whether you know it or not. The only question left is… why haven't you already tried us in your network today?

Harness the power of tomorrow’s smart connectivity for less. Contact us for more details!