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Take a 360° tour of three of AddOn's engineering, programming, and testing labs!

To ensure that our customers obtain high-quality components with a less than 0.02% failure rate, we take extreme measures in standardizing quality assurance procedures, monitoring/testing, and regulating the production process. Application tests on a wide range of goods, including transceivers, cables, switches, etc., are conducted daily in our three testing facilities

Click below to explore the processes involved in producing high-performance optics that guarantee compatibility and reliability.

Engineering Lab

  • End-to-end testing process with guaranteed 99.98% reliability rating
  • Standardized EXFO & Viavi portable test platforms to qualify optic performance
  • Hardware qualification to validate product performance (electrical & optical eye performance profiling & thermal chamber)

Programming Lab

  • Expert engineering team programs our products to be 100% OEM compatible
  • Evaluates the bit error rate & packet loss rate to meet corresponding standards
  • Tests signal delivery strength and wavelength to ensure signal decoding capacity of receiver

Testing Lab

  • Advanced & comprehensive testing environment
  • In-house testing lab that runs real applications to verify end-to-end performance of products
  • Transceivers are professionally coded & tested in actual intended environment for proven interoperability

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