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Forbes Insights Study states “Cisco predicts that there will be 28.5 billion connected devices by 2022, with over half being machine to machine.”

But what does that mean for enterprises and their data centers? It means that infrastructure upgrades may be inevitable with the need for faster processing, larger data storage, and additional bandwidth that can handle massive volumes of information. Voice assistant devices, connected cars, wearables, and even the latest thermostats have become contributors to the Internet of Things (IoT), causing the number of pathways into data centers to rapidly increase.

Forbes Insights reveals that only 1% of data center engineers believe that their data center is adequately prepared for the ever-increasing wave of data. Properly managing and upgrading your data center’s infrastructure will allow you to increase performance, lower cost and even launch crucial projects at time of peak need. With many organizations currently treading water in the effort to upgrade their systems, they run the risk of drowning in the estimated 500 billion connected devices that will be active in 2030.

What issues are data centers experiencing?

No matter the application, there is no denying that IoT is changing the world around us – while generating mountains of data in the process. The sheer volume of that data, and the growing need to consume and analyze much of it in real time, is transforming the enterprise data center as we’ve known it for decades.

How can AddOn help tackle these issues?

AddOn offers advanced upgrades such as the 25G SFP28, 100G and even 400G transceivers that will allow your data center to appropriately scale for increasing demand. We also offer low power devices that can save your enterprise from unnecessary costs from environmental controls. Learn about the AddOn Advantage, and let our expert team help you with your data center expansion project, no matter the size or complexity.

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