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With the surge in remote work and a slew of remote access applications, organizations of all sizes from corporate enterprises to hospitals and universities are re-evaluating their IT system capabilities. To boost system performance, there are endless solutions to consider, not to mention the time and effort it takes to implement, and the costs.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions is to first check server performance and consider a memory upgrade.

Reasons to Upgrade Memory

Ultimately, upgrading your server’s memory will improve speed for applications living in memory, and produce faster response rates for any organization using cloud.

AddOn's Cisco® UCS server memory is built to strict JEDEC standards at one of the tier 1 facilities (Samsung®, Micron®, or Hynix®).


Enhance performance, increase data throughout and reduce transaction response time with memory that seamlessly integrates with Cisco® servers.


AddOn server memory is tested in extreme operating environments to enable reliability and maximum system uptime. They are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with your system.


Designed for energy efficiency, AddOn’s Cisco® UCS server memory helps lower overall server power consumption, reducing server operating costs.

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