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For a few weeks now many of us at AddOn have found ways to balance productivity with health and well-being when working from home. It’s a question many people are now grappling with for the first time, as COVID-19 closes many workplaces and sends us into the relative isolation of the home office. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing right?

We're making the best of it and were curious on how our colleagues’ home offices were set up for success. Boy were we surprised!

Beach day on a workday. We're envious!

Tamara, Graphic Designer - Huntington Beach, CA

A proper home office to get the job done, with credentials to back.

Robin, Channel Marketing Manager - Minneapolis, MN

A comfortable chair and a trusty ole desk, can't ask for more.

Nick, Marketing Coordinator - Mission Viejo, CA

RGB gaming keyboard, LED-lit mousepad, a racing bucket seat - Dan’s bringing his game!

Dan, Digital Marketing Manager - Santa Ana, CA

A coder's dream setup with the perfect accessory - hand sanitizer.

Simon, UI/UX Designer - La Puenta, CA

A seat at the dining table with natural light, and jelly pens to keep the kids busy.

Claire, VP of Global Marketing - Rowland Heights, CA

Clean setup with a fantastic assortment of hats!

Jeff, Product Development Project Manager - Orange, CA

Two laptops and a cozy office, ready for work.

Marty, VP of North American Distribution Sales - Buffalo, NY

Whoever said minimalism can't be cozy will definitely rethink things when they see this workspace.

Laura, Channel Account Manager - St. Louis, MO

Nothing like a morning cup of joe. Can you spot the furry little friend?

Steve, VP of Sales - Irvine, CA

A fisher, hunter, and family man. Also, nice mouse pad!

Todd, Strategic Account Manager - Buffalo, NY

The dinner table works as a desk too!

Bob, Inside Account Representative - Lake Forest, CA

An adorable pup and a nice view! Can you ask for more?

Ryan, Inside Sales Representative - Newport Beach, CA

The lampshade and medals are a nice touch!

Eric, Strategic Account Manager - Montreal, QC, Canada

Classy set up with a view.

Alan, Channel Account Manager - Austin, TX

Studio + Office = One epic work area!

Antony, Channel Development Manager - Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Her normal set up.... then during cooking lunch.

Julia, Territory Sales Manager - Caerwent, Wales, United Kingdom

Office in the kitchen means shorter walks to the pantry!

Zach, Inside Account Representative - Irvine, CA

The classic home office, with everything needed to get the job done.

Jill, Strategic Account Manager - Stony Brook, NY

Office decor 10/10. Bonus points for the Friends poster!

Neeraj, Country Head - New Delhi, India

Efficient and work-ready office space to get the job done.

Mike, Service Provider Client Director - Maidstone, United Kingdom

No sore wrists here.

Herve, Business Development Manager - Brittany, France

Troy's dream home office....

And his reality!

Troy, Distribution Partner Account Manager - Bracknell, United Kingdom

Which setup did you like best? Let us know by commenting, and follow us on LinkedIn!