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Building a network for tomorrow with WDM multiplexers/demultiplexers

Tomorrow's exponentially rising data demands give network infrastructure managers around the world cause for concern regardless of operational size. Deployment of infrastructure capable of more densely packed wavelength division modulated (WDM) signals comes with capital, time, and planning challenges. Running new fiber is expensive and time consuming - especially when the fiber run is in a hard to access area.

Additionally, any network downtime is inexcusable when it comes to client satisfaction. Not only does a site manager need to contest with their hard infrastructure upgrade costs, but they must also grapple with minimizing downtime to install/upgrade existing fiber infrastructure.

Coarse (CWDM) and dense (DWDM) technologies are the building blocks of cutting edge architectures - the transceivers enable transmission and receipt of WDM signals, however, the multiplexer components manage these signals into a blended transmission for travel across the fiber run before being demultiplexed and routed towards transceivers tuned for those signals.

As site managers and planners are deploying fiber optics closer and closer to the edge-of-network near the consumer, utilizing WDM technology end-to-end maximizes the value of each run through channel expansion, reducing costs.

For distributed access architectures (DAA), 10G FTTX, converged 5G networks, or other networks in key growth industries, the solution to minimizing cost and network outage times lies in maximizing usage of the existing fiber infrastructure with WDM. Mutliplexers/demultiplexers (mux/demux) are a key component in any WDM setup as they enable wavelength management across your already single fiber or fiber pairs, expanding their value through a channel count enhancement of up to 80x the standard gray optic.

AddOn’s expert assortment includes CWDM and DWDM passive multiplexer solutions to fit any network configuration and maximize the value of your existing fiber infrastructure. We’ve crafted our solutions to fit both rack mount and modular environments.

Rack Mount:

CWDM and DWDM passive multiplexers are available from AddOn in both modular and 1U rack mount form factors for both edge of network and service provider wire centers. These ecosystems demand flexible yet high-efficiency dense optical solutions to interface between network delivery platforms and external fiber runs.


Modular options are available including a high-density 4-slot 1U chassis solution and a LGX footprint, while cassette sizes start at 1/2W.

1U rackmount solutions offer both standard and custom options for high channel count multiplexers and custom requirements outside of a modular footprint.

New cutting-edge networks will be supplied through splice case pedestals, network cabinets, wall mount boxes, and other non-rack mount environments.

AddOn’s compact mux, field mux, and LGX-style form factors offer both connectorized and spliced in choices for these environments. Multiplexers deployed in these environments must be capable of operating at industrial temperatures ranging from -40C to 85C.

Our passive coarse and dense wavelength division multiplexers offer wavelength management solutions for fiber exhaust, and maximizing existing fiber infrastructure. We package passive CWDM and DWDM components to fit each segment of the network, including:

Maximize your infrastructure value with passive mux/demux today. Contact our experts today to get started.