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According to an April 2021 report from Market and Markets, with an 11% CAGR from 2021 to 2026 annual spending on dark fiber will stretch to $8.7 billion per annum by 2026. In the US some of the top names consist of: Crown Castle, Lumen, and Zayo. Whilst in Europe the leading dark fiber companies are euNetworks, GasLINE, Lyntia and Eurofiber. These are in addition to fiber investments from conventional telecom companies such as ATT, Colt and NTT.

In addition, governments, corporations, and end users are using fiber to connect with data centers for useful new applications. Listed below are a few examples of how fiber supports these applications:

Faster data rates

Interactive gaming, streaming movies, real time inventory control, plus other streaming services need faster communications speeds. Only fiber will support the data rates required for these types of services over the distances demanded.

Reduced latency

Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from one point to another. Fiber provides the fastest speed and so the lowest latency. 5G cellular service would not be possible without a low latency in the Radio Access Network. Autonomously driven vehicles also require extremely low latency to enable quick reaction times between the vehicle and the data processing points.

Larger data volumes

Researchers exploring genetic simulations, physics, geology, aerospace engineering and many other disciplines must frequently analyze huge vast amounts of data in near real time, Fiber delivers the speed and bandwidth that supercomputers working in parallel typically need to manage these huge amounts of data.

Bigger files

Many modern applications had a need to transmit large files. For example, radiology files are huge; the machines that create them are scarce and the experts that read them are spread wide and far. These massive patient files are typically captured in one local location and then sent to experts for analysis in another location.

Improved security

Compared to other media fiber is difficult to tap into. Plus, encryption and additional advanced security techniques are used with higher data rates and quicker response times.

Transceivers help to enable these new applications and unlock the potential fiber has to offer. The majority of transceivers used in these new fiber networks are SFP+, SFP28, QSFP-56 and QSFP-DD. There are literally hundreds of options with theses 4 SFP categories. AddOn has one of the largest SFP transceiver portfolios plus industry experts to select the right solution for your network needs.

AddOn is also renowned for the rigorous in-house testing and validation to ensure the interoperability of transceivers in your equipment. Transceivers, DACs and AOCs, provided by AddOn support WDM and gray wavelengths at data rates from 1G to 400G for all the major protocols and vendors such as CISCO, Dell, Extreme, HPE, Juniper and Palo Alto and many others.

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