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Our vast network assortment takes your data center network to the next level

Data centers around the world are experiencing a surging consumer demand for cloud-based services and access — bringing with it the need for faster processing, larger data storage, and additional bandwidth. Whether your data center is maintaining a 100G platform, deploying 200G, or planning out a 400G deployment, AddOn’s diverse variety of form factors, reaches, speeds, and technologies ensure you can take on any infrastructure challenge.

Our interoperable multi-coded or custom-coded WDM transceivers, direct attach and active optical cables, multiplexer/demultiplexers, and network monitoring options are available to help increase speeds, reduce power consumption, span longer reaches, or more.

With our attention focused on solving the industry challenges facing data centers, we are positioned to be your sole source for cost-effective connectivity solutions with tested and trusted compatibility between all network elements. AddOn is your trusted partner, ready to assist you with upgrading your network infrastructure to support the connectivity requirements of today to the capabilities needed for tomorrow’s networked world.

What issues are data centers currently encountering?

How AddOn solutions overcome these data center challenges

Our expert team help is standing by to help you with your next expansion or deployment project, no matter the size or complexity. Are you ready to experience the AddOn Advantage firsthand in your network?

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