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Avoid common third-party pitfalls with AddOn.

Third-party transceivers are well known in the fiber optic community for their cost advantages over their OEM counterparts, as well as their supply being far more available on demand. However, it's a common misconception that all third-party transceivers follow the old adage of "you get what you pay for." While some truth may exist there when you're partnering with suppliers that command the bottom-of-the-barrel price points, AddOn's fiber optic transceivers are high quality solutions that truly eschews the norm.

We understand the importance of your network deployment going smoothly. That's why it's our priority to only supply 100% certified, rigorously tested, end-to-end serialized, and properly coded transceivers that are immediately functional no matter what OEM hardware you have. Outages have costs, as do the required repairs/replacements to bring your network back online, so it matters that you can absolutely trust the components your supplier is providing you.

What are the most common quality issues reported when utilizing third-party transceivers from other suppliers?

The most frequent issues discovered with transceivers from other suppliers are compatibility and reliability. Because assuring compatibility means achieving a high level of precision when coding an optic to be interoperable with OEM hardware, transceivers from less scrupulous suppliers without the experience that AddOn has can often present a variety of errors. These errors range in severity from "working but missing features" to "full, catastrophic failure," leading to network delays, system reboots, or worse--dreaded network outages.

When it comes to reliability, ensuring EEPROMs aren't corrupted due to power surges/restarts and that the transceiver performs as efficiently after a year as they did on first deployment are always at the top of our mind. This idea manifests itself in the quality our transceivers carry and our incredible 99.98% reliability rate, but we can't say the same for other third-party suppliers out there who may not be as invested in end user success as AddOn.

What are the consequences of a failing or faulty optical transceiver?

When a part fails or is incompatible with your environment, a network manager is forced to pivot on their carefully laid plans to absorb new logistics and adjust timelines for the new delays. This also entails reallocating engineers off of other projects to diagnose the issue and work with the supplier to resolve.

After the issue has been diagnosed, there are also supplier related delays to factor in. These include transit times while returning the failing or incompatible product, transit times also for the new delivery to the site, and then the logistics involved with a new deployment and re-testing (hopefully to completion/success).

Essentially, resolving these issues eats up valuable time and both human and capital resources from network managers and engineers to triage and resolve. Time and resources that are highly valuable to any site manager and better used on other improvement projects.

What does AddOn do differently from other suppliers to resolve failures with fiber optic components?

We recognize that you're the party incurring cost each step of the way whenever there's a fault or failure. That's why we take all efforts possible to assure that every time you order AddOn transceivers or fiber patch cables, you receive product that is coded to full interoperability.

We are globally based (headquartered in the United States and United Kingdom) and thus we can respond completely and quickly no matter where in the world you are. Our top-notch, world-class customer service and technical support teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

We feel it's important that you work with a supplier who isn't afraid to jump on a phone call with you to address your concerns, so we have experienced real people ready to help you succeed. With your important projects at stake, our global field engineers can also be deployed on-site to help you resolve any issues if the need arises.

We stand by our 99.98% reliability rating, but for us, even that isn't enough. In the rare instance that you do get a failing component from us, we will ship a replacement part to you same day, thus minimizing operational delays, costs, and headaches.

AddOn is the premiere fiber optic hardware and software supplier you need in your corner to optimize your operational efficiency and minimize wasted time, effort, and budget--and we're not afraid to prove it.

If you're ready to partner with a supplier that won't compromise on quality, get a quote or contact us today!