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Maintain network connectivity and stability outside of climate-controlled environments

With the data demands of modern society rapidly on the rise, fiber optic infrastructures are being deployed closer to the end user to improve speeds and reduce deployment costs.

Unfortunately, this creates new complexities when those fiber runs must travel through any distance where climate controls are unavailable, as variances in ambient temperature over time can impact operational performance by causing wavelength drift. This holds especially true when working with more complex wavelength division modulated (WDM) optical fiber signals as the narrower bandwidths each signal travels in cause less tolerance for drift.

As wavelength drift can cause connections to destabilize or even drop to total loss, environmental considerations must be given when planning any deployment, expansion, or upgrade.

Whether your required reach is from core to node or from central office to factory floors, deploying additional networks creates a need for more connections through your existing fiber, especially where replacing cable is not a cost-effective or time-efficient option.

AddOn’s industrial temperature rated WDM fiber optic transceivers are the solution you need if your business requires greater flexibility from your fiber infrastructure, as they’ve been engineered to endure temperature environments ranging from -40°C to 85°C while maintaining connectivity over longer distances through our wavelength stabilizing technology.

AddOn can ensure your network remains fast, safe, and secure without breaking the budget.

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