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HD video streaming demands have surged—has your infrastructure scaled to meet them?

Zoom. Skype. Teams. Discord. Netflix. Hulu. Whether your users are streaming HD video for professional or personal reasons, it’s no secret that the shift of millions of consumers from offices to homes has left FTTx providers reeling.

As providers scramble to upgrade their PON infrastructure, AddOn’s XGS PON OLTs and ONUs are here to help. Available now, rather than later like the OEM alternatives, our XGS PON transceivers are the solution you need to circumvent your current PON’s bandwidth chokepoints.

Master your FTTH applications with our XGS PON solutions

Interoperable with OEM optics—Adtran, Calix, and Nokia, to name a few—AddOn’s XGS-PON OLT & ONU transceivers marry together high performance, speed, and connectivity with the third-party price and availability benefits you’ve come to love from AddOn.

If you need to upgrade your network’s passive distribution now, when your consumers need it rather than when the OEMs say you need to, then we have the answer to your PON woes.

MSA and TAA Compliant 10GBase-N1 SFP+ ONU TransceiverMSA and TAA Compliant 10GBase-N1 XFP OLT TransceiverMSA and TAA Compliant 1G/10GBase-N1/B+ SFP+ OLT TransceiverMSA and TAA Compliant 1G/10GBase-N2/C+ SFP+ OLT TransceiverMSA and TAA Compliant 1G/10GBase-N1/B+ SFP+ OLT Transceiver

Blowing past OEM standards and features, AddOn’s XGS PON optics…

AddOn’s certified XGS PON OLTs & ONUs help win retention through reliable quality service

With deployment costs on the rise and user demands growing exponentially by the day, upgrading PON distribution services on short notice can be painful.

Our XGS PON solutions help remove these pain points through AddOn’s…

If you’re looking to enhance your PON configurations to the new next-generation standard of XGS PON, we’ve built a solution that scales with you, fits your budget, and accelerates your timeline. Ready to discover what the PON of the future can do?

Contact our experts today to get started with your access network reinforcement.