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Expert coding experience creates affordable unparalleled reliability

Going the extra mile for quality doesn't always mean the price has to come along for the ride. Our optics are engineered, manufactured, and programmed to perform at or beyond specifications of the more costly OEM equivalents.

AddOn's transceivers are not just coded for success--they're coded by experts. Experts who have the first hand experience needed to consistently deliver a successful experience upon deployment. Unlike many of our less attentive or less experienced competitors, who typically rely on standard coding that leads to headaches, heartbreaks, and delayed timelines.

Delivering and certifying reliable and dependable optics to a standard others can't touch

For over 20 years (and with an engineering team with many more years of combined industry experience), AddOn has been proudly interfacing directly with our valued customers and partners to provide them with economic fiber optic solutions with certified compatibility in over 400 network systems.

These years of experience scoping out your needs and existing hardware, coding and testing with your desired optics in that same hardware in our test bed, and our dedication to incredible post-deployment support are what empower us to supply affordable yet completely interoperable optics that hold the industry’s highest reliability rating of 99.98%.

Our optics don’t rely on a third-party manufacturer’s pre-installed code. We code them ourselves in-house in our state-of-the-art testing, coding, and engineering facility in California to meet our clients’ exact specifications. We don’t just make the part--we make the part work.

Quality from other third-party suppliers can vastly vary, but not from AddOn

While it's no secret that these manufacturers specialize in manufacturing the device, they are specialized in manufacturing the hardware. They are not necessarily expert coders who have a deep understanding of developing OEM compatible solutions on the market.

These parties unfortunately don't interface with end users like we do, and thus are not best equipped to code their optics to fit your advanced needs.

With other optics suppliers, coding is by and large the most often reported issue with third-party optics, with reliability and order accuracy following closely behind. Reading as the wrong part and receiving messages of “unsupported data” can have catastrophic effects, such as downtime and triage needed to diagnose and repair the issues caused by these subpar quality transceivers.

This can, in turn, require users to suffer network delays and system reboots, or even taking up critical time from network managers. It may even possibly require a system engineer to repair, thus causing direct cost impacts to budgets and timelines.

Other reported coding issues from other third-party suppliers may include:

Wrong part number in the EEPROM

Consequence: Features may not be supported, and additional configuration may be required.

No “PID” displays

Consequence: The switch does not recognize the part and cannot communicate with it. It may also disable the port while the optic is installed.

Displays "Non-Cisco" (Or other OEM)

Consequence: It may render the port unusable and a replacement or recoded transceiver is needed.

Receive "UNSUPPORTED" message upon inserting in any switch ports

Consequence: If the switch reads the part as non-compatible it may not be usable. Recoding or a replacement transceiver is again required.

No DOM reporting available on AOCs in multiple platforms

Consequence: The lack of reporting may limit troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities

Module SPROM display 0 meters

Consequence: The lack of detail may cause issues with troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities

Ensuring quality each step in our production guarantees top tier results

Quite simply, we understand the importance of quality have invested heavily in processes and resources to deliver a consistently successful experience. Our optics are coded and tested in their intended use environment to certify that they function identically to an OEM version. Compatibility is key to ensure a seamless connection with no downtime.

How? By utilizing our cutting edge lab, including our highly advanced world-class testing facility. Our test bed is exhaustive, so whenever you place an order with us, we're able to install and test the transceivers in the environment you intend to deploy them in..

Rather than test a unit or two from a batch, we install our transceivers directly into OEM switches you plan to use, guaranteeing you are fully successful with your hardware before they are even shipped.

Coupling our incredible commitment to reliability with our proprietary part serialization and tracking system, the Data Traveler System™, and it's easy to see that every shipment from AddOn is ensured exceed your expectations.

Discover the AddOn Advantage today and steer clear of inferior optics

With our decades of experience, our deep understanding of your needs (and our where our solutions fill them), and our dedication to being by your side until you're satisfied, it's clear that AddOn is a third-party optics supplier unlike the rest.

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