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The QSFP28 form factor offers an efficient and powerful 100G platform

With advances in transceiver technologies producing more powerful yet efficient network hardware, AddOn is the answer to any of your 100G upgrade and deployment challenges.

100G solutions for any network challenge

From CFP to the latest QSFP28 form factors, including 100G long reach modules in an efficient QSFP28 package and a green solution with 30% less power consumption, we’re ready to empower you and your network to reach greater heights. We’re confident that AddOn transceivers can help deliver your data at the speed of light.

100G is nearly here – are you ready?

The need for speed is climbing daily with demand rapidly overtaking the technological capabilities of current networks. Independent industry assessments call for 50% to 60% traffic growth each year, with 100G connections being expeditiously deployed at both cloud/core and edge-of-network to meet this demand.

Cisco forecasts that by 2020, an estimated 82% of all IP traffic will carry video packets with global internet user count climbing to 4.1 billion and beyond.

What does this mean for you?

Naturally, with such rapid expansion of consumer needs, keeping your network upgraded and expanded to meet capacity can be a challenge. With every modern organization reliant upon dependable, fast, and secure network and data management, this exponential demand for bandwidth is a hurdle that must be overcome.

Luckily, 100G solutions increase speed and bandwidth while minimizing aggregation, ultimately improving overall efficiency significantly and arming your network with the tools needed for ever-increasing consumer demands.

100G Solutions by AddOn Networks

We are persistent in our journey to provide you with a hand-tailored assortment of products that meet your requirements as complete connectivity solutions through constantly improving our development processes.

We take pride in our unique cutting-edge solutions and have two featured 100G transceiver product families that help extend your network’s reach and speeds while maintaining cost-effective power consumption levels:

Key advantages of 100G

Why choose AddOn as your trusted 100G network supplier?

At AddOn, we take pride in leveraging our expertise to offer high quality, dependable, and interoperable network products to the 100G segment and beyond. Our knowledgeable and responsive team is ready to help you with our top-notch product assortment, custom- and multi-coding capabilities, and in-environment tested dependability with each and every part we ship.

Our 100G transceivers come with a 100% lifetime warranty while offering compatibility with leading 100G network equipment providers. AddOn’s expert support and service teams help you can rest assured that we will work closely with you to address all of your network elements. We approach your transceiver requirements directly to ensure you have a reliable solution that carries full interoperability with all your network elements with lightning fast delivery.

Contact us or email an AddOn rep at sales@addonnetworks.com for help migrating to 100G today!

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