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AddOn ranks Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Providers for 2020

Tustin, CA, USA, May 4, 2020 – AddOn Networks, the world’s leading supplier of wholly compatible optical connectivity solutions, has been acknowledged in the Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Providers for 2020 by Enterprise Networking Magazine.

This distinction highlights AddOn Networks proven ability to produce innovative solutions that offer flexible and cost-effective options to support the advancement of optical networking infrastructure, worldwide.

“We are thrilled to have been recognized as a Top 10 Optical Network Solution Provider for 2020 which extends our competitive edge within the industry,” said Patrick Beard, Chief Technology Officer at AddOn Networks. “This accolade further cements the position of AddOn Networks as being a world-class supplier of cutting-edge technological optical connectivity solutions that consistently deliver high value and quality services.”

Enterprise Networking Magazine selects its Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Providers through a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts alongside its editorial board. Evaluating hundreds of vendors showcasing unique technologies, methodologies and techniques the panel compiled a list of the optical networking solutions providers that are at the helm of addressing the industry’s ever-increasing demands.

Beard added, “As the optical networking market faces increasing demands from customers for higher bandwidth and reliable connectivity wherever they are, there is more pressure on service providers to adapt and evolve with the latest technologies and growing demands. Our diverse portfolio of products offers flexible solutions for network deployment and upgrades worldwide at a highly competitive price, without compromising on the quality.”

AddOn Networks has been responsible for the innovation of optical connectivity solutions for almost 20 years. Combining one of the most extensive and stringent testing processes in the industry and a consistent roll-out of innovative technologies, AddOn Networks has continually set industry standards of quality and reliability, enforcing its position as the world’s largest independent supplier of optical transceivers.

The company’s ongoing commitment to innovation is set to see the optical networking industry deploying new solutions in the future to upgrade network infrastructure in line with growing demands for next-generation technologies, higher-speed capability and greater programmability.

AddOn ranks Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Providers

About AddOn Networks
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Tustin, California, AddOn Networks is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of compatible transceivers and high-speed cabling. Filling a critical gap in the transceiver ecosystem by offering an alternative to big-name OEMS, Add-on’s transceivers go through a rigorous, finely tuned testing process, resulting in products with the industry’s lowest failure rate.

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