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Irvine, California, September 14, 2021: AddOn Networks’ transceivers and network cabling are trusted in the operations of Insight’s dynamic labs where clients experiment, build, and solve for building tomorrow’s IT environments. Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation’s (CDCT) Research & Innovation Hubs are centers for exploration and discovery, helping businesses find paths forward as they evolve their IT technologies. Insight’s Hubs consist of two physical locations, residing in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois, accessible remotely from anywhere in the world.

According to CDCT Architect, Chase Christensen, “Our Hubs are a representation of our vast vendor partnerships, enabling us to explore all hardware and software options. Because of the robust offering in our Hubs, we can have conversations with our clients about a full solution to address their unique needs and business goals. We build Proof of Concepts based on our clients’ skillsets, IT goals, and budgets.”

Numerous OEM vendor servers, switches, and routers reside within the Hubs’ ecosystem, making interoperability an important functionality. AddOn fiber optic transceivers are ideal for this type of multi-vendor environment as they have the capability to code and test for more than 100 OEMs, guaranteeing the same form, fit, and functionality of OEM counterparts. Between lowered inventory holding and the extensive savings versus OEM originals, AddOn optics are an increasingly becoming the chosen provider for networking connectivity needs.

Insight, along with leading manufacturers like AddOn, provide the infrastructure and expertise for businesses to explore and test options without disrupting their current network environments. AddOn Networks is fundamental in helping Insight provide options when testing network solutions for clients. Both organizations are jointly committed to ensuring clients have everything they need to scale, innovate, and build their network environments for the future.

For more information about Insight, visit www.insight.com or insightcdct.com.

Discover more about AddOn Networks at www.addonnetworks.com.

Media Contact:Robin.Fairchild@addonnetworks.com

The collaboration between AddOn networks and Insight's dynamic labs

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