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Upgrading today's networks for tomorrow's data needs

Businesses worldwide are reducing network bottlenecks by upgrading their network infrastructure beyond 100G. But those with scale may find upgrading to 400G PAM4 cost prohibitive.

At AddOn, we’re overcoming these challenges with our QSFP28-DD 2x100G transceivers.

QSFP28-DD 2x100G transceivers

These QSFP28-DD 2x100G transceivers work to:

AddOn’s new transceiver contains two 100G transceivers in one housing, enabling customers to subtend two common 100G NRZ (LR4 or CWDM4) transceivers from a 2x100G one. Leveraging legacy NRZ infrastructures helps defer unnecessary cost but still acquire bandwidth and speed upgrades.

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