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The core network is the most critical part of any network infrastructure.

AddOn understands that your network is your business and that any reduction in this part of the network can cause negative implications—impacting revenue, customer satisfaction, and other factors of day-to-day operations.

Complete OEM agnostic interoperability

As federal, state, and local governments are constantly growing, enhancing, and developing their infrastructure, this means numerous platforms of production networks must coexist across the world. Our government solutions seamlessly integrate your current network platforms regardless of OEM vendor or brand to reduce compatibility complications.

Having invested over a decade in research and engineering, we’ve created an internal model that maintains full interoperability and compliance for all our products.

Around the clock accessibility

With 5G and edge-of-network solutions on the forefront and streaming services continually expanding their reach to even more consumers, it's essential that your network always remains accessible and functional. AddOn’s fiber networking solutions help keep you connected with your consumers 24/7.

Consistent dependability through in-environment testing

From complete switch environment testing with major supported OEMs such as Cisco, Arista, & Juniper, AddOn Networks’ proprietary multi-coding, custom-coding, and testing technologies ensure that our hardware matches all specifications needed to perform at optimum levels. AddOn provides trusted and tested data center solutions to help migrate your networks for the needs of current and future technologies.

AddOn can simplify your next network upgrade or add value to your existing fiber infrastructure without the headache of running new fiber. Leverage our enterprise ready solutions to scale quickly without compromising stability.

Contact us or email your AddOn rep at sales@addonnetworks.com to revolutionize your core network today!