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The dynamics of work as we know it have been altered during the pandemic; virtual events and Zoom meetings have become the new norm. But what's life outside of work like now? Your friends at AddOn share how they are spending weekends and adapting to a new lifestyle.

Patrick, Chief Technology Officer

Camping, jeep rides, and photography can help one stay busy for a fun weekend.

- Orange County, California

Claire, VP of Global Marketing

No more shopping malls and going to kids' birthday parties. Picnics outdoors while practicing social distancing is the new norm!

-Los Angeles, California

Robin, Global Channel Marketing Manager

On a boat and in a cabin, with only your husband and dog, is the perfect getaway.

-Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tamara, Graphic Designer

Can't beat the beach views and some delicious homemade pizza with freshly grown tomatoes to go along with it!

-Huntington Beach, California

Dan, Digital Marketing Manager

Feeding the mind, body, and spirit as a family with cooperative (and competitive) board games, video games, & cooking challenges!

- Irvine, California

Clive, EMEA Channel Marketing Manager

As the U.K. eases the lockdown, the weekend calls for some camping and time by the water.

- Highworth, United Kingdom

Julia, Territory Sales Manager

Enjoying time with her little one with loads of playtime, going on walks, and most importantly ice cream!

- Newport, United Kingdom

Todd, Strategic Account Manager

One might mistake this for the tropics, but this is Buffalo, NY on the shores of Lake Erie on a Saturday night!

- Buffalo, New York

Nick, Marketing Coordinator

Beach walks, to-go dinners, and some mountain biking to enjoy the weekend!

- Mission Viejo, California

Matt, Channel Account Manager

Nice day for fishing and successfully going home with some delicious dinner.

- Pheonix, Arizona

David, VP of Technical Services

"Beers, beards, and barbecues."

- Irvine, California

Alan M., Channel Manager

A dream car build for his father. Weekend's spent rebuilding the carb/blower and resealing the manifold. Sweet ride!

- Austin, Texas

Jill, Strategic Account Manager

Nothing says a great weekend like some horseback riding and a day by the water.

- Stony Brook, New York

Ho Young, Digital Marketing Specialist

Walks with the family, delicious dinners, and some video games to pass the time!

- Irvine, CA

Jeff, Product Development Project Manager

Nothing says social distancing like a trip and hike at the Grand Canyon!

- Fullerton, California

Alan B., Channel Account Manager

Lakes, cars, and beautiful views go great for a relaxing weekend.

- Merrimack, New Hampshire

Adam, Distribution Account Manager

Family time while teaching the children the value of hard work, with some playtime of course!

- Greenville, South Carolina

Tom, VP of Channel Sales

A day on the lake fishing and tubing certainly makes for a fun weekend with the family!

- Phoenix, Arizona

Troy, Distribution Account Manager

Troy's certainly missing running his boxing gym, but the good news is they're re-opening soon!

- Reading, United Kingdom

How are you enjoying your weekends now? Let us know by commenting, and follow us on LinkedIn!