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Explore the cost-effectiveness of AddOn's unique multi-coded transceivers

By coding multiple vendor OEM configurations onto a single transceiver’s EEPROM, AddOn’s multi-coding capable solutions deliver a new level of interoperability that helps you save tremendously on both deployment and inventory maintenance costs.

Without the need to stock numerous different vendor-compatible transceivers, both cost of ownership and inventory holding costs dramatically decrease (a savings up to 70% compared to OEM brands) without a corresponding decrease in flexibility or dependability.

Discover how the universal transceiver from AddOn can empower you to be the hero of your next fiber network deployment or upgrade.

The benefits of our universal transceiver:

  1. 1. Compatibility: One device carries interoperability with a multitude of OEMs

  2. 2. Savings: Up to 70% lower total cost of ownership and inventory holding

  3. 3. Efficiency: AddOn clients report up to an 85% reduction in SKU counts ordered

  4. 4. Service: World-class service from industry experts coupled with a lifetime warranty

  5. 5. Dependability: 100% tested, trusted, and compliant

AddOn is ready to help you win — let our experienced team help guide the way! Contact us to learn more.