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AddOn Networks’ fiber optic solutions transform real business challenges into opportunities for learning and advancement in Insight’s Research & Innovation Hubs

AddOn transceivers and network cabling are trusted in the operations of dynamic labs where clients experiment, build, and solve for building tomorrow’s IT environments.

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Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation’s Research & Innovation Hubs

Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation’s (CDCT) Research & Innovation Hubs are centers for exploration and discovery, helping businesses find paths forward as they evolve their IT technologies. Insight’s Hubs consist of two physical locations, residing in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois, accessible remotely from anywhere in the world. Whether a client’s challenge is technology going end of life, market challenges or new operational models, Insight has 250+ teammates who collaborate with more than 1,200 architects, engineers, and consultants to provide exhaustive testing, integrations, and evaluations to solve client specific needs.

Each Hub consists of two physical layouts: the Executive Briefing Center (EBC) and the sandbox environment, or as CDCT Architect, Chase Christensen calls it, ‘Legoland.’ He tells us, “This is where the magic happens – we’re able to build a fluid testing atmosphere to find the best solution for our client’s existing architecture and ultimate IT goals, with endless options and flexibility in a pre-launch setting.”

With a blue-sky approach and the latest technologies, Insight works directly with businesses to:

“Our Hubs are a representation of our vast vendor partnerships, enabling us to explore all hardware and software options. Because of the robust offering in our Hubs, we can have conversations with our clients about a full solution to address their unique needs and business goals. We build Proof of Concepts based on our clients’ skillsets, IT goals, and budgets,” said Christensen.

AddOn Networks’ partnership with Insight

AddOn Networks is committed to supporting Insight in helping clients realize better business outcomes in solving for their IT challenges, managing cost, mitigating risk, and discovering operational efficiencies.

AddOn Networks’ connectivity solutions have been deployed in Insight’s Hubs since 2016. These products include transceivers, DACs (Direct Attach Cables), AOCs (Active Optical Cables), patch cables and accessories. Technologies used within the Hubs must be able to withstand strenuous use as the engineers are frequently adjusting products within the Hubs to evaluate deployment options. AddOn products are up for this challenge, holding the industry’s highest reliability rating of 99.98%. According to Chase Christensen, CDCT Architect, “AddOn provides us with trustworthy options for our clients, especially those in multi-vendor environments. Using AddOn optics allows clients to make the most of their IT budgets.”

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Numerous OEM vendor servers, switches, and routers reside within the Hubs’ ecosystem, making interoperability an important functionality. AddOn fiber optic transceivers are ideal for this type of multi-vendor environment as they have the capability to code and test for more than 100 OEMs, guaranteeing the same form, fit, and functionality of OEM counterparts. Between lowered inventory holding and the extensive savings versus OEM originals, AddOn optics are an increasingly becoming the chosen provider for networking connectivity needs.

Insight, along with leading manufacturers like AddOn, provide the infrastructure and expertise for businesses to explore and test options without disrupting their current network environments. AddOn Networks is fundamental in helping Insight provide options when testing network solutions for clients. Both organizations are jointly committed to ensuring clients have everything they need to scale, innovate, and build their network environments for the future.

About AddOn Networks

AddOn Networks is the global leader in optical connectivity solutions serving data center, enterprise, government, education, and healthcare provider networks. It operates in over 25 countries through its long-standing commercial channels to provide continuity of supply and world-class service.

AddOn offers a full network catalog of optical transceivers and high-speed cabling which are 100% compatible in form and functionality across 100 OEM manufacturers, covering more than 20,000 systems and platforms. Its certified solutions are backed by lifetime warranty and 24/7/365 global field engineering support.

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