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Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

(DWDM) technologies are ideal for the demands of Remote PHY and other Distributed Access Architectures
(DAA). The migration to DAA is pushing digital fiber networks further into the outside plant. On-time and under
budget DAA deployments will maximize existing fiber infrastructure to minimize new fiber builds. DWDM
transceiver technology is the perfect fit for successful DAA deployments. Deploying DWDM at scale presents
both practical and technical challenges. Understanding the options available and the associated total cost of
ownership is critical to a successful DWDM deployment strategy.

Understanding the Options

DWDM transceivers are widely available in several configurations across the ITU C-Band (1525nm ~ 1575nm).
DWDM transceiver solutions fall into two categories: fixed wavelength and tunable transceivers.

Click here for the full white paper: AddOn DWDM Transceiver Technologies White Paper

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