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Miscoding a transceiver can have a number of unintended and costly side effects.

Sometimes the effects are minor, such as a nice to have feature not being supported. Other times, the OEM switch won’t recognize the part as even compatible, thus rendering the port unusable until the transceiver is swapped out or recoded.

A rare but potentially devastating case is that the EEPROM can be missing password protection, leading to data corruption if an OEM switch accidentally overwrites part of the pre-installed coding. In turn, this breaks the transceiver, requiring replacement before that port is usable again. Any power surges or failures requires your infrastructure’s hardware to reboot, meaning poorly coded transceivers all run the risk of bringing down mission critical networks in this way or worse.

All of these headaches are avoided by understanding end user needs and coding a product that avoids these pitfalls, which is exactly the value that our vast end user experience allows us to add to our transceivers that sets us a cut above other competitors.

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