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Based on studies, quality issues most frequently found are related to reliability, compatibility, and interoperability.

Coding is reported as the biggest issue with optics reading as the wrong part and receiving messages of “unsupported data”. This can cause network delays and system reboots, taking up critical time and possibly needing a system engineer to triage.

We understand the importance of quality and take measured steps in our manufacturing and testing processes. Our optics are coded and tested in its intended environment so that it functions 100% the same as an OEM version. Compatibility is key to ensure a seamless connection with no downtime.

Known coding issues from some third-party suppliers:

Sample products tested include common transceiver types such as SFP LX, QSFP LR4, SFP+ DWDM and a variety of DACs and AOCs.

Feedback for these parts in Cisco and other OEM systems is read as:

Transceivers –

DACs and AOCs –

To learn more about how we fully ensure our optics, check out our DTS page.