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The standards for HFC (Hybrid Fiber Copper) networks were created by CableLabs and are used by all cable operators. Their latest standard recommends cable operators use less copper and more fiber. Their work with DAA (Distributed Access Architecture) advises that some time in the future, the best cable networks will have no copper, excluding within the office or home.

Existing RF (Radio Frequency) signals via copper cannot support the newer services that customers require, delivering fiber closer to them will help to meet these demands. During 2020 Light Reading produced a survey which highlighted the DAA plans for cable operators. Within 5 years DAA is planned by 53% of cable operators and will include new services for: 5G mobile backhaul, streaming video, IoT (Internet Of Things) and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

Greenfield builds can deliver fiber straight to the tower, house or building. Although cable operators must sensibly develop their existing HFC networks to deliver fiber nodes nearer to the customers location. The obvious place to begin is deeper in the network where most of the customer traffic is aggregated. This is achieved in the part of the DAA known as the CIN (Converged Interconnect Network). These following points are key attributes of CIN:

Cable operators are already using additional fiber in their networks. This will continue and will also include FTTP, PON, WDM, patch panels, routers, switches and the optics required to connect these devices. Additional benefits from DAA include:

AddOn is working closely with many cable providers around the world to transform their HFC networks, helping them move to fiber and realize the benefits. Addon is able to support your business with a wide range of fiber optic network solutions, such as transceivers, cables and much more.

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